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Truxedo Truxport Tonneau Cover

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Truxedo Truxsport Tonneau Covers. Roll up covers at a snap cover price!

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Smooth Look
No covered wagon style arched bows.

Fast Install 
Easy clamp-on installation in minutes. 

TruXport: Frequently Asked Questions
How do I care for my TruXport tonneau cover fabric? 

The vinyl fabric on your tonneau cover can be cleaned with mild soap and water, and may be hand washed or safely cleaned in the car wash of your choice. Thoroughly rinse cover to remove any soap residue. Vinyl cover can be treated with any vinyl protectants made for tonneau covers. Never clean cover with petroleum or citrus-based products, and avoid silicone based protectants. 
What is the difference between the TruXport and a TruXedo Lo Profile tonneau cover?

The TruXport tonneau cover is intended to be an economic alternative to traditional snap-style covers. It has fewer features and benefits than the premium tonneau cover, TruXedo Lo Profile. 
Is the TruXport weather proof?

Although no tonneau cover is completely waterproof, the TruXport tonneau cover will help to keep rain, snow, and dust out of the bed of your truck. The TruXport has seals on all four sides.

 Can I use the TruXport with my toolbox?  

 The TruXport tonneau cover does cover the entire truck bed. It cannot be made to fit with an existing toolbox.

 Does the TruXport come in any other colors?

 The TruXport fabric is available in black only. 

How can I keep the TruXport tonneau cover tight?  

TruXport tonneau covers come with an easily adjustable tension control system, located at the rear of the cover, near the tailgate. By turning the plastic dials on each side of the cover, you can adjust the tension on the cover. For more detailed instructions on adjusting the tension control on the TruXport cover, see the owner’s manual.

 How does the TruXport mount to the truck?  

The TruXport is a top-mount design, meaning it mounts to the top of the truck bed rails. The rails of the TruXport are clamped onto the truck bed rails on each side using three clamps. The front and rear headers attach to the TruXport® rails. For more detailed instructions on installing the TruXport tonneau cover, please refer to the owner’s manual.

 I have other truck accessories. Can I use the TruXport with them?  

Since the TruXport is mounted to the top of the truck bed rails, it cannot be used with bed rails. It can, however, be used with bed liners and bed caps. 

Can I lock the TruXport tonneau cover?   
The TruXport tonneau cover cannot be opened without opening the tailgate. Cover can provide added security when used with a locking tailgate.

 Will the TruXport fabric fade in the sun?  

The fabric used in the TruXport is very high quality and has been tested in extreme conditions. It is UV-protected and will not fade in the sun.

 I would like to install my TruXport myself?  How long does it take to install a TruXport tonneau cover?  

The TruXport does require more assembly than the Original TruXedo and the TruXedo Lo Profile. On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes to install. For detailed installation instructions, see the TruXport owner’s manual.

 With other inexpensive tonneau covers, it is difficult to operate them in cold weather.   Will TruXport work in the cold? 

TruXport fabric expands slightly in cold weather, so it is very easy to operate – even at 20 degrees below zero! There are no cumbersome snaps or zip-strips to hassle with – no more tugging on the fabric to get it snapped. Just roll it back and latch into place. Then slide your hand along the sides to engage the Velcro® brand fasteners on the sides.

Does TruXport cover stake hole pockets? 
 Depending on the truck model, TruXport may or may not cover all stake hole pockets.

Works Great When It's Cold
Industrial strength hook and loop affixed to side rails for continuous contact. No cumbersome snaps to freeze, stick, rust or break. No need to stretch the fabric to get the cover closed.

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