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Pullrite 2600 SuperLite 5th Wheel hitch for Goose-Neck Ball

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Pullrie 2600
64.00 LBS
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Pullrite 2600 SuperLite 5th Wheel hitch for Goose-Neck Ball Ships free, No tax if shipped outside WI.  
The Pullrite 2600 SuperLite 5th Wheel hitch for goose-Neck Ball is specifically designed for trucks equipped with an underbed gooseneck ball towing system. This Single Point (1P) Attachment hitch is an alternative to conventional base rail style towing systems, and is attached at a single point (a gooseneck ball) in the truck’s bed.
You must have an under bed Goose-Neck Hitch ( not included ) for this hitch to work.

Because PullRite’s #2600 base can be positioned center of axle, the Bed Saver Rails are located over or very near to supporting cross sills. Another added benefit of the #2600 is that our Bed Saver Rails side-to-side in the truck bed, over and parallel with the cross sills underneath, distributing the towing weight more evenly, reducing bed flex.

The SuperLite Single Point Attachment Fifth Wheel Hitch is easy to install. Two positions forward or rearward of the king pin (+/- 3") and adjustable height settings. The 20K adapter enables fifth wheel and gooseneck trailer owners to two either without swapping hitches. Detachable base rails reduce stress on the truck bed to minimize crushing and surface wear. The flexible design allows the fifth wheel kingpin to be positioned forward or rearward of the gooseneck ball. Fits all popular and OE 2-5/16" gooseneck ball brands.

How does this type of hitch work? All single point (1P) attachment hitches are held in place by tightening a draw-down bolt, most of which are attached to the gooseneck ball. As the draw-down bolt tightens, the hitch is drawn downward, clamping the hitch to the bed of the truck. This unique SuperLite model is modular in several pieces. A gooseneck receiver (above) is first mounted over the truck’s underbed gooseneck ball and pinned in place, the hitch installs over the gooseneck receiver’s draw-down bolt, and lastly, Bed Saver Rails install under the hitch.

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